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Over one million North Americans put up housing for Purple Martins.


Purple Martin Accessories

Accessories for Purple Martin Gourds & Martin Birdhouses

If you share your backyard with either one purple martin family or a few, be sure that you are supplying them with all things necessary to survive and be happy. The happier these purple martins are in their homes, the more likely they are to settle there each year.

Whether you choose to hang purple martin gourds or mount a purple martin birdhouse, there are additional accessories for each type of living quarters.

Purple martin decoys are used to attract other purple martin birds to the area because most purple martin families like to live close to each other. These decoys can also help prevent unwanted avians from entering into purple martin territory. Door plugs can be used to protect the birdhouses or gourds from being entered by any unwanted guests during the off- season.

Looking to expand your purple martin colony? Add a wall panel or add-a-unit-deluxe to your purple martin birdhouse to add additional compartments and space for new tenants. Pole flanges are good accessories to have when mounting a birdhouse. The pole flange serves a base plate for the pole and makes it easy to service the birdhouse frequently.

Browse through our selection of purple martin accessories to ensure your birdhouse is fit for your purple martin family this season.